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Dr Nathan Brooks is a Senior Lecturer with Central Queensland University and a Consultant Forensic Psychologist working in the criminal justice sector. Dr Brooks has undergone specialised training pertaining to the psychological assessment of offending behaviour and has experience in both the private and public sectors, particularly working with high-risk and high-harm offenders. His areas of expertise include psychopathy, personality testing, crime analysis, risk management, and psychological assessment. 

Dr Brooks has conducted lectures and workshops on leading matters in the field both nationally and internationally. He recently published a new book with two colleagues, examining psychopathic personality in high functioning populations. He is a proponent of personality assessment being utilised in relation to criminal behaviour and has proposed the Clinical Classification Criteria of Psychopathy to provide greater clarification around psychopathic personality. 

Dr Brooks is advocate for promoting psychology in the criminal justice system, believing that the application of psychological principles is central to understanding offending behaviour. 

His work is often featured on television, radio, in print and online. 

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